Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why yes, I DO live in paradise!


No crocheting today! In fact, not much working, either! I got to play hooky and go to the beach with Sophie's kindergarten class (and two others).

It's a beautiful day here in Seattle. 84 (gasp) degrees. So of course we're all dying and worried about heatstroke (I'm not kidding!). We Seattleites are HUGE weather weenies!

Anyway, had a blast at the beach. Today was an ultra-low tide day, which is why the beach was our destination. (Of course, low tide was at 1:30 and we went at 10:30 but let's not sweat the details!) The kids were content just to play in the sand and get really dirty.

As we were playing on the beach we saw two figures emerge from the water. Monsters? Orcas? Nope - MARINE BIOLOGISTS! They we alarmed at being swarmed by 65 kindergartners (!) but took it in stride. In fact, they invited us to look at the creatures they had collected in a kiddie pool on the beach.

The children were thrilled to meet sea cucumbers, anenomes, seastars, gunnels, and lots and lots of barncle-encrusted beer bottles (are they indigenous?).

Our naturalist (never leave home without one) quickly hopped into the biologist's pool and proceeded to show the kids all the fun creatures and quirky facts. For example, did you know that sea cucumbers' defense mechanism is to eject all of their insides out an orifice onto attackers? I sure didn't but it was really gross to witness (apparently the sea cuke considered little Emily an "attacker" - take that, Emily!).

It was very hard to go back to work - and, quite honestly a little stinky. Whew! Those shoes!

I'm so bad! Ok, before I end this let me share this. As I'm reviewing my post-field trip photos look what I came across. Is this person seriously unaware that their ass is hanging out? Who doesn't realize this? When I was in school we got seriously teased if even the slightest bit of underwear showed over our waistbands. Now it's crack o' plenty everywhere I look!

Ok. I'm done! :)

Crack on the Beach!


At 4:06 PM, Blogger Catana said...

Do you think barnacle-covered beer bottles might be a protected species?

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

I want to skip work and go to the beach! I am sure that it was a major sacrifice for you to go, but you managed to handle it :-) Hmmm....I think I saw on the discovery channel that barnacle-covered beer bottlesare protected....they are very rare don't cha know!


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