Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Coco the kindergarten bear

The trifecta for Coco
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So my FO quotient (that's finished objects for you non-crocheters out there) is a little low of late due to the fact I just haven't been crocheting very much. Therefore, I think I'll post some older projects that I haven't talked about before or put in my online photo album.

This is Coco the bear. Coco is the mascot of Sophie's kindergarten class. Every weekend someone gets to take Coco home and write about it in the "Coco journal." Sophie's weekend with Coco was in January. She asked if I could make Coco a poncho and it just kind of escalated from there.

This set was made with Lion Brand Homespun in Williamsburg. The poncho is just the standard two rectangle kind with a tie to close (Coco has a HUGE head!). As you can see, the hat has holes for Coco's ears. What you can't see is that the slippers are Mary Janes complete with strap.


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