Wednesday, April 27, 2005

WIP Wednesday

Today is WIP Wednesday at Crochetville. This marks the first time I've participated.

I have to admit to a fair amount of embarassment over the number of unfinished projects I have. Who knew? Some I've abandoned because of icky yarn, others I didn't like, and a couple I just forgot about!

1) Cardigan for Rebecca H.: This was actually supposed to be for Sophie but I quickly realized it was going to be waaaay to big. Rather than frog it (rip-it, rip-it, rip-it out for you non-crocheters out there) I decided to finish it in the hopes it would fit Rebecca. It does and I just have to get the buttons (which I purchased with the yarn!) sewn on. Any project requiring sewing to finish will stay on my WIP a little longer than one would think...

2) Sunny Destination Bag #2: Well, technically this is Sunny Destination Bag #1 since I started it before the one I made for Claudia. I don't really like this yarn or the color and haven't worked on it since I started in late January. I'll probabaly frog it.

3) Thread Panda: I started this panda right after I made Vanessa. I was so dejected when ebay pulled my Vanessa auction that I haven't really picked it back up again (there have also been a few gifts that needed to be done!). I'll finish this little guy, though.

4) Groovy Girl Poncho: This is per request of Sophie for her Groovy Girl Kylee. I really dislike this yarn and therefore haven't made it a priority. I'll get it finished sooner or later (likely later!)

5) Popcorn Pillow: This is from Hip to Crochet. I had really been wanting to make this and saw some Lion Brand Wool-Ease on clearance and decided to give it a try. I don't think I've ever made a pillow before. This one was fun to do and fast - I made it in a day. You may notice, however, that this one isn't finished because it needs buttons sewed on (see #1 above). It's only made worse by the fact that I've even got them marked (see back) and purchased. Sheesh!

I thought this color was interesting, but it definitely is not for my home color scheme. The first photo is a good rendition of the color, although the second shows the cluster stitches better.

6) Stocking hat: Don't even ask me what I was thinking when I bought this yarn. The only thing I can say in my defense is that it was an online purchase (I'm sure it wasn't neon in the photo!) and I have a daughter that loves pink. That said, even she wouldn't touch this stuff! This hat and a twin which has yet to be started are for my friend Lisa's little girls. Now that Spring has sprung I won't have to touch this again until fall (thank god!).

7) Bikini Bottom: Ok, hold the Spongebob jokes, please! This is a bikini bottom I made for Sophie. It's my first ORIGINAL design (yeah me!) and it sure shows it (see side seams, left leg). I was really going for more of a "boy short" look - this one fits like a brief. It has been water tested (thank you, Sophie!) and stays on nicely. I'm still thinking about what I want the top to look like.

8) Crossed Bucket Hat: I was so inspired by Tiff's hat last Thursday that I went home and almost finished an entire hat for Sophie. Unfortunately she was sleeping and her head was unavailable to me. Yep, too big, so I frogged it (see big blob on left side of photo). I'll probably finish this this weekend.

9) Rayon Handbag: This is for Diane's birthday which was last January (boo me!). Part of the reason is that I had to wait forrrrrrever for my rayon order to come in. The other reason is that I just don't like working with the rayon. I love how it looks, but I hate having to fight with it to get it worked up. This was going to be a shoulder bag but I'm now opting for a smaller handbag. Besides, I found these really cool handles that I think will look nice with it.

10) Pike Place Market Bag: OMG! Is this #10? Wow. This is what I'm actively working on right now when I've actually picked up a hook (not too often these past two weeks - been busy!). I love Julie's Pike Place Market bag. This will be my first felted project. I got some Peruvian wool from elann (YUMMY!) in two blue shades. This bag has a destination but I'm not tellin' just in case.


At 7:34 PM, Blogger withahook said...

Man, you were right! You do have a lot of WIPs! ;o)

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Celeste said...

Told ya! Of course, like you, if something else comes my way I'm more likely to start that! ;)

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Terie said...

I bet you have one hell of a yarn stash. =)

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Celeste said...

(blushes) Um, yes I do! (blushes)

First it was a bag, then it was a plastic bucket, then it was multiple plastic buckets and now I'm basically going to have to rid myself of a child so I can have a whole room! (JK) ;)


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