Friday, April 22, 2005

The beginning

Ok - here's me jumping on the blog bandwagon. I'm creating this blog to document my crochet projects and maybe some other things, too.

My name is Celeste and I'm a 36 year old (for 2 more days, anyway!) mom of two, Adler (9) and Sophie (5). I hail from South Dakota and now reside in lovely Seattle, Washington. I've been crocheting since my paternal grandmother taught me as a girl. I think I was 8. I've crocheted on and off ever since, mostly off. I went through an afghan period in my college days and made lots of baby things in my 20s as my friends started to reproduce. Crocheting for me pretty much ended when I reproduced. I simply didn't have the time.

In 2004 I made a new year's resolution to do more things for me since my life had become so kid-centric. I decided to teach myself to knit. I began to cast on and did a few rows when I decided it was just too damned slow! I put down the knitting needles and picked up my crochet hook and haven't stopped since.

There are so many fun yarns now I find my creativity running rampant! In small town South Dakota there were never many choices (Would you like your Red Heart in neon pink or green?). Fun yarns combined with a seemingly infinite number of free crochet patterns online keep my project list VERRRRRRRRY long indeed!

I have now made more things in the past 6 months than I have in the past decade for sure, maybe the past two! I started making ponchos and quickly moved to hat & scarf sets. This year I've been working on handbags and new crochet mediums like plastic bags, ribbon, floss & thread. I've made bookmarks and teeny, tiny bears. Now I'm working on lighter fare and have purchased yummy cottons and silks for pillows, tops, and (gasp!) bikinis (I've made 3 so far...).

I try to take a photo of my projects once they're finished, but I sometimes (a lot of times!) forget. I do have some photos, though. You can check them out here. I'll try to keep these updated as much as possible.

Finally in this introduction, I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed the online forums at Crochet Me and Crochetville. It has been so fun to be able to share patterns, finished projects, and questions. What amazing resources they've been. I love knowing that if I ever have a question or problem I can post it and have an answer (or more likely several) in minutes! I would never have even known these places existed without Yarngirl, whose site I happened upon while searching for a pattern online. Hers was the first blog I ever read and from there I made hops to Crochet Me and eventually Crochetville. Thank you, Julie!


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